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May 20 2018

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A mall goth. 🖤🦇(;¬_¬)

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Rita Ora Responds To ‘Girls’ Criticism By Reaffirming Her Own Sexuality





undergradexistence submitted to xenoqueer:

so critics have literally basically forced her to out herself. i’m so angry


  • Rita Ora has responded to criticism that her new track Girls references lesbian and bisexual themes in a problematic way, apologising for any offence caused and affirming her own attraction to women.
  • “Girls was written to represent my truth and is an accurate account of a very real and honest experience in my life.”

Emphasis mine.

Just like always.

Everyone is opposed to heteronormativity, right up until they can use to to abuse bi women for existing.

I’m so Tired.

Anyway, I hope every single fucker that whined about how a woman who talks about being equally attracted to men and women is straight feels like shit after this.

It’s a good learning opportunity.

I went through the same process of “fuck, I contributed to outing someone” ten years ago, and it taught me to stop fucking assuming.

Let’s hope it teaches other people to stop presuming heterosexuality too.

Poor Rita.

No one deserves that kind of forced outing.

I’m scratching my head over what was so problematic about the song in the first place

She briefly mentioned alcohol in her party song about clubs and sex, which people arbitrarily decided meant she was saying that sex between women is only ever a drunken mistake. Combined with people arbitrarily deciding she was straight, too, a bunch of people said she was trying to profit off queer folks.

It was a combination of at least three deeply ridiculous stretches.

But, again, when an opportunity comes up to claim that bi women are the devil, people do a lot of contortions.

Given that a hugely influential lesbian singer made these reaches in public, everyone just ran off with it.

It was all bullshit, basically.

Anyway, it’s a fun song and I listen to it when in the car.

anyway it’s a

fun song and i listen to

it when in the car

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i “love” how stupid and disconnected from anything so much of american politics is, and the particular ways in which it is stupid

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-from Tomomi Kobayashi’s art book Flower Garden

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Barbara a l’Abbatiale de Payerne, par Cédric Matthey. Novembre 1990.

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She only got fucking 3 to 5 years!!!! Racism isn’t real??? 

This is crazy…

I’m out.

This is what I’m thinking about every time they say a victim of police violence had xxxx in the system as justification.


Soooo…all them ppl that she sent to prison gon be released right???

^^^ my question too.

Did they ever release them? Bevause this was a while ago

Yes! Around 20,000 convictions in MA are being dropped due to this:

Epic Drug Lab Scandal Results in More Than 20,000 Convictions Dropped

How a lab chemist went from ‘superwoman’ to disgraced saboteur of more than 20,000 drug cases

Nearly 20,000 drug convictions dismissed over chemist’s misconduct

Chemist’s Misconduct Is Likely to Void 20,000 Massachusetts Drug Cases

She only got up to 5 fucking years for 20,000 CONVICTIONS???

She need 20,000 years

She should get all their sentences combined

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"...waren zum Stichtag 31. März nur 24.212 der rund 1,68 Millionen Ausländer, die seit 2013 einreisten und einen Asylantrag stellten, 'vollziehbar ausreisepflichtig'. Das sind knapp 1,5 Prozent." #abschiebehysterie https://t.co/6S3OoIxGrx


via Twitter https://twitter.com/sixtus

May 10, 2018 at 11:29PM
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EDC day two outfit is 🔥🙌🏻 #edc #edclv2018 #edclasvegas (at Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC))

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Weil schon viele gefragt hatten, hier nun endlich der Querschnitt vom neuen Chemtrail-Bomber A 379.

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Theo Derville by Yann Faucher

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